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Jon Graham
408 W 19th St
Caruthersville, MO 63830
(901) 496-0727
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Jon Graham is a naturalist, photographer, artist, and birding/photo tour guide based out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Jon was exposed to the art of photography at an early age when he took a photography class in elementary school. Twenty-five years later, he became the former Grounds Foreman at Lichterman Nature Center in Memphis, TN.  He was responsible for maintaining the trails and natural habitats on the 65-acre property which provided regular encounters with local wildlife. Carrying his camera in a backpack every day allowed him to develop the skills necessary to capture beautiful, artistic, and even educational images of life in the wild. His portfolio contains more than 300 printable images taken in a wide array of habitats and in locations including the southeast United States as well as Costa Rica and Alaska, etc. He is adding to that collection every day.

His photos have been noted for attention to light and shadows as well as for highlighting one specific organism in nature, even as it is immersed in a remarkably rich natural background. They have been published numerous times in magazines and on the web. His work has been purchased by people around the globe.

He was honored to be selected as the inaugural Emerging Artist for the 2018 Pink Palace Crafts Fair in his hometown of Memphis, TN. His work was also featured in print and online in various forms.

Jon has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing/Management from The University of Memphis, 2004 and has a wide range of work experience including event/film production and supervising inmate work-lines. In 2017, he became a certified arborist and has developed a passion for urban forestry, in addition to his love of nature photography.

*Special thanks to Cliff at Memphis Professional Imaging (acrylic prints) and Emily at Jack Robinson Editions (paper) for their superb craftsmanship!